Fullstrike GmbH

A Smart Product Partner of Acxeon


Founded 2016, Full Strike GmbH/FSG (www.fullstrikegmbh.com) is a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer of 3C product (Computer/Communication/Comsumer) and Smart prouduct from Germany. In China, we have our own office located in Shenzhen, and factory in Ningbo.

We also proud to have a strong and solid R&D team as well as sales, QC, and production staff in this field with experiences for more than two decade together to support more than 100 customers world wide. Our products are distributing to large numbers of Chain stores and Mega store globally directly and indirectly.

*America: Wall Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, Staple, Frys, ...etc,

*Europe: Metro, B&Q, Carrefour, Media Markt, Saturn...etc.

Other than OEM and ODM, we also provide variety services to customers, such as Product Consolidation, On Site Inspection, Product Sourcing and so on.

FSG is standing in the market with "3 Best Policy" since the very first day of servicing our customers around the world.

*Best Service、

*Best Quality、

*Best Price、

We 100% trust that you must enjoy doing business with us!