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2-in-1 Ice Scraper & Snow Brush - No Scratch w/ Soft Bristle Best for Frost Remover & Broom Removal Tool - Auto Windshield Window Cleaning Kit - Heavy Duty Winter Car Accessories w/Grip Handle​

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Acxeon Window Ice Snow Scraper + Telescopic Handle / ice scraper for the car retractable landing gear from 42 to 62CM for easy storage - Achieved Complete windshield / Stiff Bristle Brush / Light Rugged Aluminium Design Snow sweeper with ice scraper in a tool; Solid Aluminum Design! This snow brush takes many winters to come. Telescopic Handle Extends to 62CM and moves to 42cm for easy storage This high-strength scraper plate can easily remove the snow and thick ice, while you clean glass. Sturdy nylon bristles, the body of ice and snow easily removed so as not to hurt to paint. The product is relatively small, easy to carry, just put it in your car, it is an ideal tool for SUVs truck and other vehicles in winter