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* Add device code scanning, network direct connection and AP hot spot;
* Support voice monitoring, intercom, motion detection and alarm;
* Cloud video support alarm classification query playback function (intrusion, sound, etc.);
* Support all kinds of mobile phone remote monitoring (IOS,Android);
* Wireless network 802.11b/g/n;
* Power supply: DC 5V 1.5a, operating temperature: -10℃-+55℃;
* Supports 2 million night vision lenses, 1080P high-resolution screen, fine image;
* Focal length: 3.6mm; daytime visual distance: 50m; night vision distance: 30m;
* Professional IR supplementary light system, do not miss every dynamic;
* Wireless intelligent online, no wiring, power on and map out;
* Intelligent Qos algorithm automatically adjust the stream and frame rate, adaptive network, bring perfect video experience
*Gvoice voice engine with clear two-way voice calls;
* Supports mobile phone, computer and other platform applications, which can be watched by multiple users in real time;
* Support TF card storage, the maximum support memory to 64GB, playback at any time, video editing.