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GSM Alarm System

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● Support 2 wired defense zones, 99 wireless zones, and 8 remote controllers.
● Can set 6 groups of alarming phone numbers,It will call the preset phone numbers automatically to
● notify the alarm informationCan set 3 groups of SMS phone numbers.
● 3 groups of timing arm and disarm
● The names of each defense zone can be revised.
● Support wireless siren
● Be compatible with the international Alarm Center
Protocol: ADEMCO Contact ID protocol.
Technical Parameter
Power Input: DC 5V / 2A;
Standby current:  ≤65mA;
Alarming current : ≤300mA;
Backup Battery:  4.2V 350mAH rechargeable Lithium battery.
Full charged time: 10 hours. Standby time: 4.5 hours;Wired Siren volume: 120DB (The default beep time is 180s when alarm);
Alarm Host RF receiving frequency: 433MHz(±75KHz),PT2262 / 4.7MΩ EV1527/300K (Customized for 315Mhz);
Alarm Host RF transmitting frequency: 315MHz(±75KHz),PT2262 / 4.7MΩ EV1527/300K; (Customized for 433Mhz) Supported accessories: 8 remote controllers, 99 wireless detectors, 2 wired detectors;
Distance between accessories and alarm Host: remote controllers <40 meters(in the open distance) , detectors<80 meters(in the open distance);
Factory default password: 1234
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