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Smart Security Alarm System

WiFi,GSM WM2T ( SmartLife WiFi+GSM Smart Security Alarm System)(compatible with smart life cameras, socket, swiches) 1st tuya generation WIFI module, can be compatible with all our 433mhz sensors

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1. GSM+WiFi dual communication network transmission alarm.
2. 2.4-inch TFT LCD display, menu operation, simple and convenient for use.
3. The alarm hub can be matched with up to 100 wireless detectors, 10 remote controllers, and 10 RFID tags, also with 3 wired defense zones, and supports NO/NC alarms.
4. Available in 11 languages.
5. Use the alarm keypad, remote controller, RFID tag, and mobile phone APP to control the host to arm and disarm.
6. It has the function of prompting the doors and windows are not closed properly and the sensor low-voltage prompting (need to configure special door magnets and sensors).
7. 5 groups of alarm telephone numbers, 5 groups of alarm SMS numbers.
8. With the function of making a call, any call can be made on the keypad.
9. Built-in alarm siren and external siren to intimidate thieves (built-in 433 transmitter, configurable wireless sound and light siren).
10. The alarm sounding time is adjustable (default 3 minutes).
11. It has the functions of delay arm and delay alarm setting.
12. With 20s voice recording and voice prompting function for arming and disarming.
13. With record query function (alarm record, arm and disarm record).
14. Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery, no power failure.
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