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Tuya WiFi Smart Home System

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Technical Parameter
● Connect to WiFi, App control
● Wireless two-way communication, no need wiring
● 50pcs detectors can be added, each detector can
be programmed
● Low power-consumption design
● Accessories low power notification
● Volume adjustable
● Silent mode can be set
● Defense zones support Disarm, Arm, Home Arm,
24H Arm, Delay Arm, etc for option
● Built-in GSM module, can still alarm normally even
power off in GSM mode
● Built-in back-up battery, have notification when power
off or incoming call
Input voltage: DC5V / 2A
Wi-Fi standard: IEEE 802.1 1 b/g/n
Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz
Wireless Distance: ≤150m (In open air)
Working Temperature: -10℃ - +50℃
Humidity: ≤90%RH
Size: 138*137*21.8mm
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