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WiFi Smart Siren

WiFi,powered by,tuya,intelligence inside,DY-H1

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● Based on the TUYA smart home platform, work with
most of the TUYA smart based smart products.
● On-site high-decibel alarm, flashing lights and other
alarm modes.
● Home Arm, Away Arm, Disarm
● Low-battery detection
● System power off detection.
● Tamper detection.
● Built-in battery.
● Support Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant.
Indicator light keep flashing: not connect to WiFi
Arm: alarm with soud and light flash
Home Arm: only light flash to alarm
Disarm: only SOS alarm available
Remote controls: max 8
Detectors: max 24
Volume: high / medium / low
Beep time: 1-180 seconds adjustable
Timing control: arm / home arm / disarm
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